Permanent Fully Functional Full Mouth Implants in Jacksonville, Florida

Our Full Mouth Implants (also known as All-On-Four treatments) are best for people who desire full chewing ability, high aesthetics, and a non-removable option. These teeth are completely lifelike and will be indistinguishable from natural teeth or veneers.

They come in three categories:


The top of the line option, with a titanium frame with zirconia overlay is the ultimate, highest strength option and nearly indestructible. This is the longest lasting option. Permanently fixed and removed by the dentist for cleaning, typically once a year.


The mid-priced option, using incredibly strong zirconia that is cost-effective and aaesthetically pleasing. Permanently fixed and removed by the dentist for cleaning, typically once a year.


The lowest priced option, a long-term temporary implant. Permanently fixed and removed by the dentist for cleaning. Not recommended for long term wear due to strength.

Jacksonville Implant Center is dedicated to providing patients with quality care and services at accessible prices. Reach out to us to schedule your free consultation!

Go Traditional with Full-Mouth Dentures

Traditional full-mouth dentures are ideal for patients who are looking for an affordable tooth replacement and aren’t suited for dental implants or unwilling to go through the implantation procedure.

We offer in-house lab services, which typically allows us to provide same day service at a reasonable cost.

Advantages of Traditional Dentures:

* Improved confidence. Great looks and a new smile.

* Facial support. Tooth loss and missing teeth can create a sunken or hollow face. Dentures help to fill out these areas, providing a healthier, more youthful appearance.

* Improved diet and nutrition. Improved chewing ability allows patients to eat a wider variety of foods, and also offers better digestion and improved nutrition.

* Affordability. Dentures are the most cost-effective way to replace a full arch (upper or lower) or a full mouth of teeth.

* Improved quality of life. Enjoy a greater quality of life with the ability to eat more of the foods that you enjoy, and be able to laugh and smile with friends and family.

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