Implant Dentures and Snap-In Dentures Don’t Slip Out

Tired of your old dentures slipping out? Go for implant dentures or snap-in dentures. These are more stable and versatile, using small screws to hold snap-in dentures in place.

Dental implants are placed within the bone, these small screws are similar to the roots of your natural teeth and will be used to fasten the dentures securely.

Advantages of implant dentures:

Secure your teeth. No more floating or loosening while talking or doing everyday activities.

Significantly improve chewing ability. You will be able to eat almost anything you want.

Better taste. They do not cover the roof of the mouth, allowing you to chew normally and fully enjoy food again.

Elimination of gagging. Due to the stability of implants, we can make the dentures have a slimmer, more natural profile.

More comfortable. Implant dentures are less bulky than traditional dentures. There is also less movement and friction on the gums.

Bone retention. When you don’t have teeth, the bone in your mouth can recede over time. Our implants are proven to help retain bone in the jaw that otherwise might deteriorate.

Cost savings. Our services are entirely in-house from start to finish. We do not use third party dentists, surgeons, or labs. This allows greater savings to be passed on to the patient.

Jacksonville Implant Center is dedicated to providing patients with quality care and services at accessible prices. Reach out to us to schedule your free consultation!

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