Why choose Jax Implant Center

Simply put, this is our focus. We are passionate about restoring patients’ abilities to eat, smile, and enjoy life, and we strive to deliver exceptional results at reasonable prices. Our patients’ photos and results speak for themselves.

Dr. McRee and Dr. Russell have chosen not to dilute their focus. They concentrate exclusively on implant surgery and full-mouth restoration, applying their considerable talent and training to enhancing our most defining feature.

Most clinics typically have the implant placed in one office, followed by restoration made at a third party lab, and then your final teeth delivered at yet another office. At Jax Implant and Dentures, we are dedicated to providing everything under one roof in a streamlined and efficient manner. This provides our patients the absolute best possible service and cost savings.


We get asked all the time how we are able to charge less than others, if we are still using the same high end materials, and if this is, “too good to be true”

The short answer is, yes, we provide the absolute highest end care available today. We use implants that are FDA approved and our implants manufacturer is one of the largest in the world.

We understand that our lower prices can seem too good to be true, but it is our honest opinion that we are not lower in price. Other providers are simply gouging patients. At Jax Implant and Dentures, we simply do not agree with the practice of charging a patient $4000, $5000, or even $6000 dollars to replace just one tooth. With today’s technology and materials, we feel that that is unreasonable.

At Jax Implants and Dentures, we offer an extended range of implant services in-house that almost no other clinics can provide, and we still do it at a lower cost. We believe the real question is “why do others charge so much?”.

Same day implant and tooth placement



At Jax Implants and Dentures we provide life-changing transformations for our patients. With a bright clean smile they feel more confident